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I Want to PERSONALLY Invite You To Take Part In My 12 Week Transformation Program. I Created This To Help As Many People As Possible To Get The Results They've Been Craving For Years.

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Results never lie. Showcasing a persons before and after is the ultimate way to prove how anyone, like you, can get the results they've been searching for. No gimmicks, just proven methods that work.
All of our clients are regular working people. Everyone has a busy schedule and a lot have a family. We work closely with you to plan and program your fitness routine to work FOR you, not against you...
Our coaching is not only valuable, but highly affordable. We ask for 12 weeks from you. Just 12 weeks. This is the amount of time we need with you to build results and habits that last.

'When I met Connor he seemed very genuine, he was very focused and driven and shared the passion that I wanted to achieve my goals'

Why The 12 Week Transformation Is


Let me speak bluntly: If you want your body to change, you have to start taking the right actions that propel you forward, not hold you back. That's what is different about what I teach!

What You'll Achieve With This Program:

  • Learn How To Train Effectively 
  • Learn What Works For You Long Term
  • Achieve Results AND Eat Delicious Foods
  • Get In The Best Shape Of Your Life
  • Massive Increase In Confidence

*Limited Spots Remaining*

'I was stuck doing the same thing year in year out and when I found Connor I lost two stone in 12 weeks and I'm feeling better than ever' - Ben

Read This Before Going ANY Further:

Just a few years ago I was struggling to figure out the 'transformation' game.

I was coaching around 20 people one to one, getting good results and pretty decent testimonials, but I knew I could help more and be better than that.

Working with a small number of people and being comfortable with what I was doing just wasn't appealing to me anymore.

Not to mention I was turning people away when the reality is that I should have been helping them to reach their goals. I needed to figure out a way to help and connect with more people so that they could experience the transformation that they deserved.

I didn't like hearing 'I just don't know where to start' or 'I'm never going to have the body I want.' I always thought to myself, 'why can't they have it?'

Then I'd see these deserving people turning to a terrible coach for help or a quick fix scam, or worse, starvation dieting!

Can you imagine not looking the way you want for that holiday you have coming up? Or even year round... There's no reason you can't build an incredible phsyqiue and maintain it forever.

My main takeaway was that I wanted to help these people, they needed it! Unfortunately, helping people requires exposure, and lots of it. 

Whether it's personal training, online coaching or a gym membership, people need to know about you and your ability.
That's where my free training systems came in. I wanted to help people. To help them, I needed them to follow and test my online transformation system. In return, they referred their friends and family to me so that I could help them too. Needless to say, it worked, I helped to transform  ALOT of people and with it came an incredible amount of transformation photos. 

It became clear that for me to get people incredible results, they needed to follow my 12 week transformation program, it was the right system and amount of time needed to really see lasting change. Once I realised that, I never looked back.

That's when I started my journey of improving the program even more, making small tweaks, offering additional services that were missing and mastering my craft.

Once I felt the program was perfect I was ready to help people around the world. 

So what happened?

I didn't tell people about the incredible results based program I had just developed.

Yep. I messed up.

I let people down.

More and more people turning to bad coaching, quick fix scams and starvation diets, all because I became lazy.

Honestly, I felt shame and downright embarrased. Here I was trying to help more people than ever, yet I was now helping less people than ever before.

Fortunately, I'm stubborn.

After 2 years of f***ing up, spending every penny I had on self-education, and going through an immense amount of trial and error…I figured it out.

Infact, I did more than figure it out, I was now helping more people in a week than I was in a normal 3 months.

I started to prove the 12 week transformation system came with amazing and guaranteed results. 

Yes, you read that right, guaranteed.

I know that may sound crazy, but this is tried and tested with plenty of proof to back it up. 

I am now working with less people and I'm generally more scarce with the amount of people I take into the program. 

I felt to give the best service I had to limit the number of clients I had under my wing. 

No longer was I working with people who didn't really want it. I was working people who were commited to making some lasting changes and achieving the incredible results the program was guaranteed to deliver.

Fast forward 12 months later I keep 15 spots available with each new intake. This allows me to give each individual person the attention they need and deserve. Working with a lot of people at once doesn't make me better, it makes me worse. Limiting the numbers is optimal for delivering a service that I'm proud of. 

A service that delivers incredible results. 

In a nutshell, that's what this program is all about.

How a person who is fed up of getting nowhere, trying year after year and not knowing where to start finally getting the unbelievable results they've been craving. 

If you learned the exact strategies I use to transform every client, would you use them?


Just make up a reason or excuse as to why you can't achieve the same?

What my clients have done is real, and every day more and more people come to me to get advice on how they can leave the old way and come into the new way.

And why wouldn't I share it? I want people just like you to get the incredible results you know you want. 

Inside this program is a gold mine of information. And if I'm being honest for the price of £97 a month, it's a downright steal. That's cheaper than a pair of trainers.

Just 3 Simple Steps...

And You're On Your Way To Transforming Your Physique!


As soon as you enroll in the program we will schedule a call to discuss moving forwards towards your goal


Planning your goals are vital for the program to be a success. We will go in depth into what it is that you want to achieve


The strategy that I formulate is designed to get you results quickly. Everything in the plan will be ready to implement immediately


Hands Down The Most Value You'll Ever See For £97 A Month!

    GUARANTEED RESULTS (Value Priceless)

    I'm so confident in the program that if you're unhappy with the results you've had after following everything to the letter, I'll hand you all of your money back.


    Training programs need to be specific to be effective. We will generate a plan based on experience, strength levels, kit access, time commitments, stress levels and enjoyment.


    Nutrition plans need to be accurate and easy to follow. The systems I use allow you to follow them with ease. The goal is to design a plan that works for you, not against you and is inclusive of the foods you enjoy.


    Each week we will assess your progress and have a conversation about how your week has been. We will use this time to deep dive into what is going well and if anything needs to be tweaked. This keeps your plan adaptive and rids it of any plateaus.

    Daily Email Access (Value £87)

    I like to leave no stone unturned and give my clients complete access to me each day if they feel they need help or have a question to ask. This allows me to keep you accountable throughout the week, asses things early if needed and to check out technique videos.

    Total Value Of...£412



    That's just £3.12 a day to get started with your transformation!

    Don't Just Take My Word For It...

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    Is It Ok If I Over Deliver? Here's Some More...

    Wait There's More! Here You Go...

    What!? There's More? Yep!


    I've helped people like you!

    I get asked alot, 'Connor, what makes you different than anyone else?'

    It's a fair question and I tell people all the time that I've done exactly what you're trying to do! I've built alot of peoples confidence and transformed their bodies again and again and again. 

    In other words, I know what you need to be doing right now to take the next step in your quest for an incredible transformation.

    • Over 200 People Coached
    • Countless Transformations and Testimonials
    • Committed To Every Single Client
    • Over 10 Years Of Experience

    Have Questions?

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    >ABOUT THE STRATEGY SESSION: After completing an application, you will get the opportunity to schedule in a Strategy Session with Connor. This is completely optional. The Session lasts about 30 minutes and if you do not want to work more closely with me, you can leave without buying anything. The Strategy Session is to provide insights on your daily life and goals and offer strategies for growth that you will be able to implement right away.
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